Tips to Remove Tough Stains From Clothes

Getting stains out of clothes can sometimes seem like an almost impossible task. Since you don’t want to constantly replace clothes and break your budget, we gathered our top tips to help you remove the toughest stains. At Las Lavanderia, we want to be your go-to laundry center in Houston. Whether you come in to take advantage of the coin-operated machines, utilize our drop-off service, or take advantage of our full-service laundry package, you’re sure to enjoy the results. Contact us today to find out more about our laundry services or stop in to experience our Top Rated Local® washateria for yourself!


As you sort laundry, look for clothes that have stains and will need to be pretreated, as this is the best and easiest way to remove stains. Failure to pretreat stained clothes could lead to a permanent addition to your favorite blouse or pair of jeans. Different stains require different treatments.


Oil stains come from a variety of items, including that delicious salad dressing, your favorite lipstick, and even auto grease. You may not work as a mechanic, but if you leaned over too closely to check your oil, you could have inadvertently rubbed against some of the grease and oil in your car’s engine area. When you get oil stains on your clothes, you’ll need to apply a liquid detergent directly to the soiled area before laundering. Allow it to stand for 15 minutes before washing. The detergent will help loosen and dissolve the oil so that it can be lifted away in the washing machine.


If you have a newborn who spits up a lot, cut yourself, or spilled a dairy product while baking, then you need to know how to remove a protein stain from your clothes. Clothes with stains such as blood, milk, and other dairy products should be soaked in cold water for at least 30 minutes before washing. If you have an especially stubborn bloodstain, try applying a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution directly to the stain. Make sure to test the fabric for colorfastness to avoid bleaching the spot.


Many beverages that you enjoy contain tannins. From coffee and tea to soft drinks, fruits, fruit juices, and wines, you could easily add permanent color to your clothing with any of these items. If you find yourself dealing with a stain from an item high in tannins, pretreat the article of clothing by soaking it in cold water and then washing it at the hottest temperature appropriate for that garment.


Lying on the grass on a sunny day can be a wonderful experience until you realize you now have grass stains all over your favorite shirt or pair of shorts. Grass, blueberries, and mustard are all examples of items that can cause dye stains. If you find yourself looking at a bright green grass stain or another dye stain, you should immediately apply a liquid detergent directly to the stain and then wash the clothing item at the hottest possible temperature according to the directions.


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