No matter what your business does, it probably takes a lot of laundry and linen to make it run properly, since you found your way to our site! Let us handle these services for you. From table cloths to staff uniforms, blankets, sheets, and beyond, we have seen and washed it all. You have enough on your plate, so we’ll take care of the laundry portion through our top-quality, professional laundry services here in the greater Houston region.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Everyone has their own methods of doing the laundry to ensure nothing shrinks, everything gets clean, and all stains are removed. Tell us what you need for your laundry and consider it done. Whether you prefer to bring the loads to us or have us come pick everything up and drop it back off when it’s done, we can make it happen. After all, our mission is to make things more convenient for you while adhering to your budget. We promise to go above and beyond each and every time you call. As a commercial entity or public organization, you have an image to uphold. Let us help you maintain a high level of integrity through sparkling clean laundry handled by the specialists at our full-service laundry center.

Confident and Clean Business

The way you present your business speaks volumes to your customers. Unsightly stains on the table cloths? Food marks on your uniforms? It doesn’t matter how professional you act — your clients will judge you based on how professional you look. We make sure they see nothing but the best. Contact Las Lavanderia today to learn more about our commercial laundry services and what we can do for your company.