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At Las Lavanderia, we know that as important as it is to have fresh clean laundry there are days when you simply don’t have the time it takes to sort, wash, dry, and fold. Not to mention the extra time and care involved with delicate clothing items or dry clean only clothes. We are proud to offer a variety of laundry services to help you stay on schedule and look your best. Our services include self-service, drop-off service, full service, pickup and delivery services, and commercial services. We have two locations to make it easy for you to access laundry services at our Top Rated Local® washateria. Contact Las Lavanderia in Houston or Katy for more information.

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How much does wash and fold service cost?

At Las Lavanderia in Houston and Katy, our standard wash and fold service is offered at 99 cents per pound. If you’re unsure how many pounds of laundry you have, contact our team for help.

How do I get started with your laundry services?

Getting started with laundry services from Las Lavanderia is a simple process. If you’re interested in our drop-off service, you can easily drop off your clothes between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm at either of our locations in Houston or Katy. To access our full-service laundry option, please fill out the required information on our website.

When will my laundry be returned?

We know your time is valuable, which is why at Las Lavanderia, our standard turnaround time for drop-off laundry services is 24 hours. Since the full-service laundry option includes more steps, the turnaround time is two days with no extra fee involved. If you need to have your laundry back sooner than our standard timeframes offer, you can request same-day or next-day delivery. We charge an additional 30% to ensure a faster turnaround time.

What types of laundry do you clean?

At Las Lavanderia, we clean both everyday, personal laundry items as well as laundry for businesses. From tablecloths and uniforms to delicates and jeans, we have you covered!

Can you dry clean items?

Yes! When we receive your laundry bag, we will take your dry-clean-only items to our preferred dry cleaner. Once they are done, we will pick up your items, add them to the rest of your wash and fold laundry order, and return all laundry to your door. A courier fee will apply.



What do I do if I have a delicate garment that needs to be hand-washed?

When you have delicate garments that need to be hand-washed, we ask that you separate these items from the rest of your clothes by placing them inside a bag within your larger laundry bag. Be sure to include a note that says “Hand Wash Only” with the item and we will take care of the rest.

Can someone else give my laundry bag to the driver?

We understand that there may be times you won’t be able to give your laundry to our driver and need someone else to take care of it for you. If you will not be present on your scheduled pick-up day, we will be happy to accept your bag from someone else. Since we value your privacy and security, however, we will not drop-off your laundry to anyone other than yourself unless you specifically contact us and instruct us otherwise. This is part of our process to maintain the security of your personal laundry items.

When do I pay for your laundry services?

At Las Lavanderia, we process payments via our secure processor prior to delivery.

What if I miss my pick-up/drop-off time for laundry services?

Since we work hard to ensure that all of our clients receive their laundry on schedule, a missed pick-up or missed drop-off fee may be assessed if you miss your scheduled pick-up or drop-off. You can avoid these additional fees by notifying our team and rescheduling your pick-up, or drop-off, at least three hours prior to your scheduled time. Please note: If you have pre-paid for services, you will not be refunded for missed pick-ups.

What happens if I leave personal items in my pockets?

We ask that you ensure all personal items have been removed from your pockets prior to your scheduled laundry pick-up. In the event that we find personal items in your pockets, we will return them inside a sealed bag along with your laundry.



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