Laundry is a part of life, and while we all enjoy clean clothes, we don’t always enjoy the time and effort it takes to get clean clothes. Thank goodness we no longer have to drag our clothes over a washboard for hours on end or even dip them in boiling water in an attempt to eliminate dirt and smells. That being said, sitting around at the laundromat is no picnic when you’re waiting for your clothes to be done.

At Las Lavanderia in Houston, we know your time is valuable, which is why we offer wash and fold services at our laundromat. If you have a busy day ahead of you, simply drop off your laundry at our washateria and let us take care of the rest. Contact us today to learn more about our drop-off service, and continue reading to learn some of the best ways to kill time at the laundromat.

1. Check for Loose Change

If the laundromat is empty, you could spend a couple of minutes looking for change that was forgotten or overlooked. It never hurts to press the coin return buttons on the machines and check the change receptacles to see if someone else forgot to grab their change. Depending on what you find, you might have enough money to get a treat from the vending machine, or do an extra load of laundry.

2. Make the Laundromat Your Office

Since you’ll have at least a couple of hours of uninterrupted time, why not use it to complete that big project you’ve been working on? Need to get ahead of your work day tomorrow? Bring your materials and plan out what you’ll need to do to accomplish your tasks for the next day. If you’re finishing a degree at school, you’ll find it’s easy to focus on your reading as you listen to the rhythmic hum of the laundry machines.

3. Entertain Yourself

Depending on how your day went, work might be the last thing you even want to think about. With that in mind, think about some things that help you unwind and could occupy your time while you’re waiting at the laundromat. From reading your current favorite book and playing a video game to watching a TV show and knitting a scarf, there are a number of ways you can entertain yourself as you wait for your clothes to be done.

4. Play Games With Your Children

Sometimes there’s no way around bringing your children to the laundromat with you. When this happens, you want to be sure to find a few ways to keep them entertained and occupied. Pack a couple of board games or card games that will help to pass the time more quickly and will give you something to do with your children.

Enjoy Drop-Off Laundry Services in Houston

We hope you found these tips helpful, and if you find that you just don’t have time to sit and wait for your laundry to finish, be sure to contact Las Lavanderia in Houston to learn how easy and convenient it is to use our drop-off laundry services. We look forward to helping you!